Thursday, July 26, 2007

Allaire for Honorary Mayor. Thank you! Final Call! Last 35 hours!

Dear Friends, Thank you everyone for buying tickets & all your generous donations and help; you can still buy more! With a very fun & healthy Brunch, an amazing "hot" Rummage Sale, & tonight Karoake,tomorrow the announcement of Mayor & then 49er day Saturday July 28th all day; we are excited! Come join us for the Parade at 11 am at The Rock Inn & ending at our Lakes Community Center! I shall be the Mistress of Ceremonies announcing Raffle prize winners & the musicians & bands. You can still buy raffle tickets for Allaire's Antique Brass Bed too! It shall be on display! Your hopeful Allaire for Honorary Mayor "It is a Family Affair!" Special thanks to my Chief Campaign Manager and daughter: Chloe Koslo!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Buy on eBay NOW! Historic Doors to Benefit Lakes Community

With just two weeks left of "campaigning" for Allaire for Honorary Mayor of Lake Hughes; she has some "FUN"draisers planned: July 15th Sunday: a Healthy Brunch at 11am & Rummage Sale on Saturday July 21st raising funds for our local non-profit organization: The Lakes Community Center!

AND THERE IS MORE!!!!!There are two specialty items up on E-bay as well that a builder or collector would be interested in: Custom & Historic Doors from the Manzanita Room in Lake Hughes. Please feel free to go online and bid, bid, bid!

MD USA Vintage Walk in Freezer Door Wood Jamison built Item number: 130131956514 and Historic MANZANITA ROOM Double Doors Posh Oak & Glass 1960's 7 feet tall: Item number: 130131725111

Remember one can just buy 5 raffle tickets for a $1 and win a prize July 28th 49er days in Lake Hughes!

FUN Historic FACT: Sherry Lasagna’s father: Charles Pennington was Honorary Mayor of Lake Hughes in 1960!