Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks for Libraries and Librarians! by Honorary Mayor Allaire Koslo, The Lakes Community

With an attitude of gratitude I give thanks for our libraries and librarians. Thank goodness for the Los Angeles County Library which serves our rural communities with the Bookmobile. Our family is thankful for the Lancaster and Quartz Hill Libraries. Even though the hours have been cut and the libraries are closed on Sundays now, and some closed on Mondays too, they are still a rich resource for us all. We are also thankful for all the libraries and librarians we have in our schools as well.
Recently, I drove by what used to be The Palmdale City Youth Library. Workers were removing the building's interior. They were emptying what used to be a perfectly wonderful and thriving center of learning where dreams were created, love of books was shared, reading was taught, stories were told, crafts were made and so much more. The harsh reality of the end of this beautiful library hit me hard. The finality, the absurdity, the huge mistake of closing it was real.
The City of Palmdale created a true sanctuary for our children in this Youth Library, a safe and happy haven. The librarians were angels on earth; they were so dedicated. I cannot sing their praises enough. I am forever grateful for their kindness, knowledge and generosity. I shall always remember the Librarian Mrs. Miles who even lent me her own Joseph doll to do a Second Grade storytelling of the Caldecott Medal Book: "Joseph has a Little Overcoat" by Simms Taback written in 1999. The moral of the story was that you can always make something out of nothing. That human connection was very powerful for not only the children, but for parents also.

The building shall become a job center. The headline in the Antelope Valley Press recently proclaimed $450,000 to renovate Youth Library into Job Center. Where did the city find $450,000 for a job center considering that they could not find any money to keep the library open? We are all for jobs, who isn't? But why would one knowingly take something good in a community and destroy it, take it away? We had something so special, a jewel in the desert, a gorgeous, 4.7 million dollar facility open in August of 1998. It did not even last for its eleven year anniversary. I thought it would be here for generations. I know there are pros and cons to every decision and reasons. Part of the Youth Library was moved to have a place in the main old Palmdale City Library. Many books were distributed to schools and other places.
However, that does not change the way I feel when I see a pregnant woman or a mother with a young child here in the Antelope Valley. I lament that they will not have that library to enjoy and experience. My daughter is thirteen. We were lucky. She reaped untold benefits from this library. Our future youth shall not have that. Instilling love of learning and reading and writing is a priceless gift. When we have places like the Palmdale Youth Library, we have a center for positive activities for the family. We have higher literacy rates, more tolerance and more education. Indeed perhaps we would have less gangs, less crime. I cannot fully express my sadness at this loss of what was truly an amazing place full of happy memories. The closing of The Palmdale City Youth Library is more than a mistake or bad decision, it is a poor choice with long term negative consequences. It is robbing, yes, stealing the gift of learning from our children. That is a crime!

Going to libraries wherever we go and travel, and book stores and book events is a huge part of our family life. I have read to my daughter, Chloe almost every night of her life. Although she does most of her reading solo the last several years, it is in our blood. Books surround us, with Shakespeare, Yoga, nature books, you name it, we have it. Love of learning and reading is part of us, story telling, plays, films, etc. Knowing what others shall be missing without the Palmdale City Youth Library hurts. It is just plain wrong, wrong, wrong.

So with this huge loss, I have to at least praise and be grateful for the libraries we do have and for the new Los Angeles County library in Acton which just opened. May our holidays be filled with connecting with family, meaningful exchanges, reading and enjoying life.

Friday, August 10, 2007


It is official: MAYOR ALLAIRE OF LAKE HUGHES crowned Friday evening July 27th after raising over $8000 for the community, shattering all records! She & her daughter Chloe were third from the front of The 49er Day "It's a Family Affair" Parade! What a wonderful Saturday July 28th full of music & fun with your new Mayor as M.C.! So now what? Let us Blog! Stay tuned! There is more to come!

The Lakes & Valley Art Guild Presents "The Good, The Bad, and The Horse They Rode In On." The Art of Rob Enright & Donna Weil August 4- September 2
43751 Lake Hughes Road. Don't Miss it! Your Cultural Mayor Allaire!

Upcoming the 3rd annual Benefit for The Painted Turtle September 29. Mayor Allaire shall be the Mistress of Ceremonies in Lake Hughes.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Allaire for Honorary Mayor. Thank you! Final Call! Last 35 hours!

Dear Friends, Thank you everyone for buying tickets & all your generous donations and help; you can still buy more! With a very fun & healthy Brunch, an amazing "hot" Rummage Sale, & tonight Karoake,tomorrow the announcement of Mayor & then 49er day Saturday July 28th all day; we are excited! Come join us for the Parade at 11 am at The Rock Inn & ending at our Lakes Community Center! I shall be the Mistress of Ceremonies announcing Raffle prize winners & the musicians & bands. You can still buy raffle tickets for Allaire's Antique Brass Bed too! It shall be on display! Your hopeful Allaire for Honorary Mayor "It is a Family Affair!" Special thanks to my Chief Campaign Manager and daughter: Chloe Koslo!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Buy on eBay NOW! Historic Doors to Benefit Lakes Community

With just two weeks left of "campaigning" for Allaire for Honorary Mayor of Lake Hughes; she has some "FUN"draisers planned: July 15th Sunday: a Healthy Brunch at 11am & Rummage Sale on Saturday July 21st raising funds for our local non-profit organization: The Lakes Community Center!

AND THERE IS MORE!!!!!There are two specialty items up on E-bay as well that a builder or collector would be interested in: Custom & Historic Doors from the Manzanita Room in Lake Hughes. Please feel free to go online and bid, bid, bid!

MD USA Vintage Walk in Freezer Door Wood Jamison built Item number: 130131956514 and Historic MANZANITA ROOM Double Doors Posh Oak & Glass 1960's 7 feet tall: Item number: 130131725111

Remember one can just buy 5 raffle tickets for a $1 and win a prize July 28th 49er days in Lake Hughes!

FUN Historic FACT: Sherry Lasagna’s father: Charles Pennington was Honorary Mayor of Lake Hughes in 1960!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Brunch Sunday July 15 & Rummage Sale Saturday July 21!

You are invited to an
Allaire for Honorary Mayor Brunch
at the Lakes Community Center
17520 Elizabeth Lake Road
SUNDAY July 15th
11 am – 2 PM
Only $7
Followed by a free introductory Yoga class!
that One Cannot Afford to Miss It!
MENU: Organic Carrot Juice made on the premises by
Your Yogi Candidate Allaire herself! Fresh Fruit Smoothies to Order!
Organic Coffee, Tea & Yummy Bran & Flaxseed Muffins,
Drum roll: Barbara Sichmeller’s Famous Delectable Quiches!
You shall receive Allaire for Mayor Raffle tickets which qualify you for the drawings for prizes
On Saturday July 28th 49ers Day. You need NOT be present to WIN!
Sponsored in part by TRADER JOE'S!

If you miss this “FUN”draising Brunch know that you can get tickets at Allaire’s Yoga Classes Monday Evenings at 6pm at The Church of the Lakes, or feel free to mail donations to :
Allaire for Mayor
Post Office Box 371 Lake Hughes, California 93532
or call : Cellular: 661.609.1481 Tel/Fax: 661.724.2255
or email: and website:
Please make checks out to: Lakes Community Center Association.
All funds to the Honorary Mayor Campaigns go for maintenance and upkeep for our 1934 Lakes Community Center which is a non profit organization (EIN number: 95-4401277).
Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law!
AND remember you CAN WIN prizes on 49ers Day Saturday July 28!

We are so blessed & fortunate to live here in the country, “where nature is our neighbor!” My nine year old daughter, Chloe, who is my campaign manager is so proud of her mother for running for Honorary Mayor of her home town: Lake Hughes. The way it has worked for over fifty years in Lake Hughes, is that your “Vote” is cast by buying raffle tickets. Thus the candidate who raises the most money wins. There are three of us running. So please “VOTE” for me!
In addition to the fabulous deal of 5 purple tickets for $1 for the many raffle prizes you can win, Allaire is also Raffling off her 1920’s Antique Real Brass Bed! For $5 a black & white ticket you may go home with a gorgeous authentic Brass Bed valued at over $2000.
Good luck. THANK YOU!
Very truly yours,
Your Next MAYOR!

SATURDAY JULY 21st, 2007
8 AM - 2 PM
LAKE HUGHES 17527 Elizabeth Lake Road
Allaire’s Purple RAFFLE TICKETS AVAILABLE & BRASS BED RAFFLE TICKETS TOO! Info: 661.724.2255 or 661.609.1481


The Honorary Mayoral race is on.

Allaire has several miles of adopt-a-highway and she and her daughter Chloe can often be seen “keeping the Lakes community” clean and green!

Allaire also teaches Yoga locally. Come for Summertime Yoga to the little white Church of the Lakes basement for a class 6:00 P.M. Monday nights.

Fun, Fitness and Taking Care of our Community!


To “cast your vote” for Allaire, please buy raffle tickets for prizes and your donation shall benefit the Lakes Community Center in Lake Hughes, Home of the Historic 1929 Rock Inn. Raffle tickets are 5 for $1.00 or .25 cents each. You can purchase raffle tickets locally at THE ROCK INN or send check made out to Lakes Community Center to: ALLAIRE FOR MAYOR, P.O. Box 371, Lake Hughes, CA. 93532.

(661) 724-2255 or (661) 609-1481
Or post a comment on ALLAIRE FOR MAYOR Blog!

Only 30 days to go until WINNER WALKS AS HONORARY MAYOR 49er Day Parade, Saturday, July 28, 2007!

For more Information click on or link above.